OK, so as a non-writer, I found it very useful to set the mood and create an environment to help me get into the right mindset for several hours of focused writing. I made a Youtube playlist, popped in earbuds, and went at it. Here’s the playlist I put together:


The Alamo

Where Eagles Dare

The Longest Day

The Pacific


Green Berets

55 Days at Peking

633 Squadron

Battle of Midway

Battle of Britain



Bridge Over the River Kwai

In Harm’s Way

Dam Busters

The Lighthorsemen

The Eagle Has Landed

Lawrence of Arabia

Kelly’s Heroes

Guns of Navarone

We Were Soldiers

The Gladiator

Voice of the Guns (Lawrence of Arabia)

The Dirty Dozen

Pork Chop Hill


Scotland the Brave (from Devil’s Brigade)

Victory at Sea

Rat Patrol

Midnight at the Oasis (sometimes you need to smile.  give me a break)

Magnificent Seven (Favorite!)


1812 Overture (with cannons)

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Ride of the Valkyries

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Dixie (from Lords of Discipline)

Garry Owen

Land of Hope and Glory

Rule Britannia

Over There (Presidents’ Own)

U.S. Army Engineer Song

Men of Harlech (Charlotte Church)

Over the Hills and Far Away (John Tams) (Favorite!)

Die Wacht am Rheim / La Marsellesa


World at War

Great Escape

I left My Love (Cavalry Song)


Stars and Stripes Forever (Presidents’ Own)

The Washington Post (Presidents’ Own)

Alte Kameraden Marsch

Semper Fidelis (Presidents’ Own)

The British Grenadiers

Prussian’s Glory Marsch

Royal Corps of Engineers March

Marine Corps Hymn (slow version)

Rally Point – Battle Hymn of the Engineers (Favorite!)

Marche de la Legion (Le Boudin – Musique de la Legion Etrangere)

The Caisson Song

Sound Effects

WWII Field Artillery

Ambient Distant Gunfire

Tank Battle

Spitfire Engine Sounds

WWII Mosquito Flybys (twin Merlin V-12s!)

P-51D Mustang Engine Sounds

F4U Corsair Engine Start-up and Flybys

Terrifying Sounds of WWII (various)